Declutter Your House--Part 6

Pack For Moving

Once you’ve thrown away all the junk, returned the things of others, donated all the stuff you don’t and won’t need, and returned the rooms to their core functions, the house will feel a whole lot lighter and spacious. We’re now ready to proceed with the next decluttering step: packing.

You may be thinking, Is it not premature? I haven’t even sold my house! But you’re going to, right? So pack now.

  • Excess: pack overstocked and off-season items. If you’re selling your house in the summer then put away winter wear and sporting gear. Try to return excess to the store you bought it from; they might take it back.
  • Box infrequently used items: clothes, shoes, books, CDs and DVDs, cookware, small appliances, etc. Clear out all the stuff from your linen closet, kitchen cupboards and cabinets but for the essentials for day-to-day survival. You need to learn to live on bare necessities while selling your house.

Pack now and you’ll have that much less to do later when you move. Make sure you label the boxes so you know where they should go in your new house.

Off-site storage is best. This is especially true if you live in a condo where space is at a premium. So rent a commercial storage unit or ask a favor of close friends. They’ll help you out if they know the arrangement is temporary.

Onsite works, it’s just not optimal. Choose a corner in the basement or crawlspace and stack packed items away neatly. Do not use the garage or the spare bedroom as a storage area. They provide more value when you exhibit them as living space.

June’s Tips

Decluttering Tips

Dispose of trash as soon as possible. There’s no point in going through the exercise and then letting it all sit in piles. You’re just creating a bigger mess than when you started out.

Repairing Tips

Fasten hardware pulls, handles, knobs and hinges. Nothing should rattle or wobble.

Cleaning Tips

Mildew thrives in moist areas such as around the tub, shower and sink, or as the result of a leak. In places with poor air circulation, such as basements, they can produce a strong musty odour. Besides the smell, some people are allergic to the spores. Any sign of mildew or mold is a big turn off.

Revitalizing Tips

Bathrooms: declutter around the tub and the shower. A fresh bar of soap (or a body wash tube) and a small bottle of shampoo are all you need.

Showing Tips

Buyers are about to spend a lot of money to buy a house. They deserve a clean house. We think they’re right.

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