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Please support Ottawa hockey dad. Accident resulting in spinal cord injury for Rene Faucher, father of 3.

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Ottawa hockey accident results in spinal cord injury.
“Rene Faucher is a friend of mine and I urge anyone who can to please donate to support this incredibly wonderful family who have always given to the Ottawa community and now need your help. I personally thank you”
David Hollingsworth
Ottawa father paralyzed in pickup hockey game
Rene Faucher, father of three may never walk again after suffering a serious spinal cord injury during a casual hockey game on Sunday. Rene, 40, was playing a game of pickup hockey when he went head-first into the boards at the University of Ottawa Sports Complex. He was rushed to the Ottawa Civic Hospital and immediately underwent surgery and is paralyzed from the neck down. Rene was wearing a helmet. Doctors in the trauma unit say it’s too soon to know if he will ever be able to walk again.
“We have to wait until the spinal shock subsides to understand what the long term recovery road looks like,” said Rene’s brother Marc to CTV Ottawa reporters. Rene and his wife Dianne Douglas have three wonderful children under the age of five. He is self-employed and does not have long-term disability insurance. Dianne expressed to CTV that she never thought her family would have to deal with. “Coming home to get that call, you just don’t ever think something serious would happen to you,” Family and friends are now appealing to the community to step in and help. Faucher’s brother Marc said the support has been overwhelming.
I urge anyone who can to help support this family by making a donation can do so at any Scotiabank branch. Donations can be made to the Faucher Douglas Trust Fund, branch 25486, account 0016713.
Cheques payable to the “Faucher Douglas Trust Fund” can also be mailed to the attention of Russ Reil at Scotiabank, Markdale, Ont.,
If you missed the interviews with Rene’s brother Mark and wife Dianne tonight on CTV, you can view them at this link
Again, thank you for your support

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