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Here is an article that was in the local Ottawa EMC paper by Rick Snell the current Ottawa Board President that I found very interresting and thought others may find as interresting:

Appointments: what to expect when selling your home

When you put your home on the market, the best-case scenario is that lots of people will want tocome and view it. Before showing appointments begin, you should discuss guidelines and timing with your real estate professional. There may be times or days when a showing simply will not work for you or your family. These could be occasional (if you are hosting an event) or recurring (you work from home and have to be at your desk at certain times). You may wish to have showings end no later than a certain hour of the evening if your kids need to be in bed. These limitations can be made clear in the material used to promote your home to other real estate professionals, so that they know when they may and may not book an appointment.

So what should you expect when someone makes an appointment to see your home? Usually, the buyer representative who is working with the potential buyer will provide a one- or two-hour timeframe in which they would like to arrive at your home. This does not mean that they plan to stay in your home for that entire time. They may arrive 5 minutes before the end of the timeframe they requested and stay past the end of that time. There are several reasons for this: if the buyer’s representative is taking their clients to view several properties, they may be unsure of exactly how long they could be in each property. Or, they may get stuck in traffic between appointments.

If you prefer to have showings occur within a shorter time frame, you can discuss that with your real estate professional as well. Everyone’s schedules are different, and you may have personal circumstances that make it difficult for you to be away from home for longer periods of time.

Regardless of the timeframe, most real estate professionals agree that the owners should never be present during a showing appointment, as this can make the potential buyers feel uneasy and may reduce the amount of time they spend looking around your home, which reduces the chance that they will fall in love with it. The idea is to allow potential buyers to feel as though your home could be their home, and if you’re in it, it serves as a reminder that it is not. (That’s why real estate professionals and home stagers also recommend removing personal photographs and mementos while your home is on the market.)

If a potential buyer who has booked an appointment is then unable to keep the appointment, the buyer’s representative should contact your real estate professional to inform you that the appointment will not take place. To show that they have kept the appointment, buyer’s representatives should leave a business card in your home. They may occasionally forget to do so, in which case you can ask your representative to contact the buyer representative to follow up.

With clear guidelines in place, the appointment process runs smoothly and can help your home sell that much more quickly.

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