Home Staging Part 2

In part one we referenced the need to stage your home to increase its marketability. This meant:

  • Decluttering
  • Depersonalizing
  • Clean, clean, clean

Generally staged homes will sell faster and for a higher price. When you stage your home you are selling a lifestyle, you are highlighting key points that will attract a buyer’s interest in your home. At the same time your home has to be very clean and generally in good repair. 

Your aim is to make your home stand out from the competition:

  • Create focal points- ones which buyers will remember about your house
  • Edit how the rooms are arranged-furniture, pictures, lighting, flowers etc.
  • Stage both the interior and exterior areas- creating interest and desire
  • Decorate to create elegance and stunning looks with what you already have.
  • Make your home appear larger with paint, lighting and furniture arrangement
  • Think of low cost ideas that create big impact.

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