How to Spruce up Your Home

Whether you will be putting your house on the market next Spring or just want it to feel like a new home again, here are a few simple inexpensive tips for you to explore:

1. Repair all the little items that need some attention and when it does come time to sell, it will pass the potential buyers expectations and you will prevent any decrease in value at the same time.

2. Make sure the exterior - siding, doors, garage and lights are in new condition.  Power washing the siding and replacing older lamp fixtures as well painting the exterior with good paint will help maintain the curb appeal that is so important.

3.  Be sure to keep the furnace and other working items such as water pumps working properly and replace before their maximum life expires.  This just makes good sense as you will recover a lot of this cost by the energy efficiency you will save and at the same time you will be in a better position when you do decide to sell your home.

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