International Boat Shop in Toronto This Past Week

It is wonderful to see Toronto hosting once again a very successful International Boat Show.  My other half and client spent 2 days seeing all the wonderful boats and accessories from around the world.  This links us with other European cities and is a great way of boosting our trading partners.  It brings back to me the many years of power boating with a SeaRay out of the Gatineau Marina in Hull as well as the Ed Huck Marina in the Thousand Islands area with mooring at these islands overnight and exploring their interesting terrain and sights.  Ottawa is so fortunate to have the Rideau Canal to promote sailing and boating from the many local marinas as well as the longest outdoor skating rink in the world.   If you wish to take up sailing I can highly recommend the Britannia Sailing Club for schooling.  I took it and as a reward, sailed on one of their sail boats to the British Virign Islands.  We must never forget that Canada stands for more than hockey, poutine and touques.

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