Long Weekend - Starts Summer in Ottawa

The 24th of May is the Queens Birthday and If you don't give us a Holiday we will all run away. LOL. Yes that was the little ditty we all sang way back  when I was in school.

The OPP are likely out on a traffic blitz..... and the local Councillor is advising safety and caution on fireworks:

Fireworks By-law will be enforced Victoria Day Long Weekend

Residents who are planning to use fireworks this Victoria Day weekend need to practice caution and comply with the Fireworks By-law to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday. With the increased fire risk from the recent warm and dry weather.

 Ottawa Fire Services also extends the word of caution when using any other kind of ignition source, such as candles or barbeques.

The City’s Fireworks By-law outlines the rules around fireworks use. Anyone planning to have fireworks displays over the Victoria Day weekend should do so in a safe and courteous manner. Consumer fireworks may be discharged on the day of, the day before or the day after Victoria Day. They must be discharged by someone 18 years or older, and on private property, with permission of the property owner. The fireworks display must not cause danger or nuisance to any person or property. It is also important to note that the sale of consumer fireworks, except on Victoria Day and the seven business days immediately preceding Victoria Day, is prohibited.

Display fireworks, such as those on Parliament Hill and smaller-scale versions at public parks on Victoria Day weekend, may only be discharged by someone over 18 who holds a permit issued by the Ottawa Fire Chief. Applications for these permits must be submitted 30 days before the intended display.

Firecrackers are prohibited from being used or sold in the City of Ottawa or Province of Ontario. Anyone selling, purchasing or using firecrackers within the City of Ottawa is in violation of the Fireworks By-law as well as provincial law. Please review Ottawa’s Fireworks By-law on ottawa.ca for further details. Residents wanting more information or having questions about the Fireworks By-law can contact 3-1-1.

I am wishing you all a Happy Victoria Day! Stay Safe.

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