My first SOLD listing's been a while since I wrote my first blog....(I had to go back and see when I posted was July almost 2 months and a half)!

So being a realtor is NOT at all easy! I always knew it involved a lot of coordinating, networking, a little stress here and there and lots of dedication (long afternoons and nights)....but wow there's so much more that doesn't meet the eye!! And the ironical thing is that the perception out there is that realtors load listings on MLS and then go on with their absolutely NOT the case!

I co-listed a property with Sal Nardone on the 30th of August. It was a gorgeous semi-detached home in Orleans. Our sellers had put a great amount of work into the home; they finished the basement, upgraded the kitchen, updated the paint in the rooms, had a landscaping company redo their front and backyard, etc etc...let's just say it made me feel at home as soon as I walked in!

Day ONE of being listed...I received 2 calls..."you're asking way too much for the house!", "have you done your CMA on the area"....I was shocked at how rude some people could be. These people were not even interested in buying it! Why can't you wish others for the best? After seeing and spending more time in the area and in the house I realized it was very well priced, and the home had THAT value!

So approximately two weeks later, after showings and more showings, we got a great offer. On September 16th after a few hours of negotiations (...with one of the nicest agents I've dealt with since I became a realtor by the way!), we got the home SOLD! For very close to the asking price and with BOTH our sellers and the buyers extremely HAPPY with the transaction!

I learned many things from this transaction, but a few of the TOP lessons were:

1. There's a lot of negative people out need to stay positive and surround yourself with positive people, period!

2. Agents are meant to work together, it helps the transaction go smooth and everyone goes home as a winner!....of course we're all in the same business, but as long as you do a great job and represent your clients' best interest, opportunities come and the results are just better!

3. Staying organized and keep your property records is more important than what I thought! When you sell or buy a property....keep ALL your records for a could save a deal!!! (it saved this one!)

So my thoughts on being a realtor after selling my first listing..."I'm loving it!"



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