October has an Increase Market - Small Increase - An Increase Just the same

The official numbers were released by the President of the Ottawa Real Estate Board: We are up after 2 months of down therefore avoiding a recession cry being made. It was a small increase however of only 1.3%.

There was a total of 1,073 residential units sold compared to 1059 last October. There was 237 in the condominium resale sector and 836 for freehold sales.

Prices are also up slightly on average, 2.6% and in price that means $346,492: $267,037. in the condo area and $369,016. for freehold.

If the five year average is 1,067 we are on track to remain in positive territory.  Ansel Clarke feels confident to remain optimistic that we will have steady growth and stay, what we have always been, a reasonably safe place to invest. I agree, Go Grow Ottawa!



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