Sold!!! 2.44% over list price

Wow!!!  What a crazy weekend. Our home was sold firm within 24 hours after allowing showings. We listed our home on Thursday Oct 22nd and did not allow any showings until the Open House which was Sunday and no offers until Monday morning.  A big part of the reason I did not want Offers until Monday was that I was celebrating my birthday over the weekend and did not want to have to deal with Offers at the same time. I suspected that we would get multiple Offers and guess what.....we did. The Realtors that hosted our Open House (Julie Kager & Rocksane Renaud) did a terrific job.  Thanks ladies!!! They informed me that there were 20 groups that came through; all with positive comments.

It is also important to remember that when you put your home up for sale you need to make the prospective Buyers as comfortable with their new home as possible. De-clutter your home, use neutral colours, get a pre-listing home inspection done, remove personal items like family pictures, pay attention to the little things. Doing these thing will increase the likely hood of getting an unconditional Offer, and I'm sure we'd all love that.

I would also like to stress the importance of pricing your home properly. In order to sell your home quickly with the least amount of inconvenience and to maximize your profits, you must price your home properly. You can not adopt the attitude that you'll list high and possibly come down later, or that you'll consider all Offers. Price it right the first time, and stick to your guns.

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