Spring Market- Winter projects

When one looks at the statistics it’s clear that a lot of homes go on the market every Spring. For instance the Ottawa Real Estate Board MLS statistics for March to the end of May 2014 show 8,060 homes and 2213 condos entered the market and this is not counting new homes from builders. Now that is a lot of competition!

If you are thinking of going on the market this coming year you will need to have your home in top shape and it will have to be well-staged to attract interest.

You can use the winter months to prepare. Rooms can be painted (cool neutral shades are best), minor repairs undertaken and the task of neutralizing your home décor begun.

Over time everyone’s home reflects themselves. The choice of paint colours, the pictures hung on the wall, family portraits, trophies, awards, university certificates etc. Part of your task is to remove anything that shows signs of your emotional attachment to your home. You don’t want potential buyers to be distracted by images of someone else’s memories. You want buyers to be able to see themselves in your home; you want them to visualize their furniture in a room.

It is not as easy to do as you think but once you decide to go on the market you have to stop thinking of it as a home and think of it as a house that is for sale.

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