The Thrill of A Lifetime! 2010 Olympic Torchbearer Relay to Vancouver.

I was honoured, I was excited and maybe just a bit nervous as the time neared for me to take that Olympic Torch down Raglan Street which is the main street of Renfrew, Horton Township, Renfrew County, Ontario. Yesterday December 13, 2009 at 12:40.

It started early yesterday morning as we drove an hour to Renfrew to our assigned meeting place at the Renfrew Town Hall, It was snowing lightly and that made the day look even more Canadian. The street was blocked off so a challenge to park the car but soon we, my husband Tom and I were sprinting to the Town Hall for our meeting to get our instructions, safety tips and then out to the shuttle for our Torches.

We had about an hour for photos with family, friends, and the Mayor Sandra Heins, and even Santa Claus came by to wish us all well. Then it was time to go to the shuttle bus that took us all to our spots along the route but before we did that we all had a chance to watch the video and talk about the journey we had travelled to reach this moment, how we applied, why we applied and how we thought we had been picked above all those that had entered the contest, either through RBC, Coca Cola, or through being nominated by our work, government. Most on our segment had written essays on how we were going to improve Canada environmentally, saving energy, composting or how we were improving fitness our own or that of youth in organized sports, such as hockey and tennis or skiing. One of our group was a Olympic Participant Mr. Tam Matthews, Headmaster of Ashbury College in Ottawa,who was on the Canadian Sailing Team in three Olympic Summer Games 1980, 1984, 1996. The mood now set it was time to head for our spots.

As I was dropped at my spot on Prince and Raglan, I was greeted by Pasquale Ricciuti, my Broker/Manager from Century21 Action Power Team, friends and family. It all went so fast a few pictures and then Eddie came to test my torch, the media vans went by, then Eddie lit the flame and I went to greet Barb Danford, from Cambellford, Ontario a Proud Employee from McDonalds in Trenton, who had had a momentous year turning 50, celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary and then this .... who could ask for more? She passed the flame to me and I was off. Focused on my 300 metres.

I was so lucky to get this position it seemed everyone was along the street waving and cheering ending at the podium with the Mayor, sho said just a few words then I passed the flame to Tam and off he went on his part of the journey.

It was over quickly in the physical realm but it will never be over in my spirit. Each experience such as this changes a person forever. I truly hope that each and everyone has the opportunity someday to do something like this in their lifetime, I know I would not have traded it for the world.

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