Try This Buyer Exercise

Seeing their house through a buyer’s eyes is one of the hardest things for a seller to do. This requires converting your mind set from thinking about your place as a home versus a house and that takes a lot of effort. Just what does a buyer see when an agent brings them to your house.

Try this exercise and put yourself inside the mind of a buyer.

Take a clipboard with you and go outside and take a look at your house from the other side of the street. Take a long look at it as if you were a buyer seeing it for the first time. What do you see? What seems out of place or distracting? Where do your eyes go? Make a note of items that left a negative impression.

Walk up your pathway and stand on the steps, take a few moments there as normally an agent would be opening the lock box and unlocking the door. Look around, what do you see? What are the negatives and positives?

By the time you walk through your front door your first impression of your home is set, just as a buyer’s would be. How is your house doing so far?

Stand in the foyer for a few minutes as a buyer would be looking around while removing their shoes or winter boots. What attracts your attention? Where do your eyes go? What are you seeing? Do they go to personal items like family pictures, or can you see into a room off the foyer.Those few minutes are crucial.

Every house has a natural flow as you move from room to room from the foyer.Note what you see, both positives and negatives. Look at the placement of furniture, room décor, how personalized is each room or could buyers see themselves in it?

Pause before going into each room, let your eyes sweep over it. What is your impression? What needs to be corrected? Spend extra time checking out the kitchen and bathroom, two key rooms.

Do this for every room in the house. By the time you have finished you should have a substantive check list of “To Do” items. If these items were a negative for you, they will also be one for any potential buyer that comes to look at your house. Your last task is to take care of the negatives and make your house “buyer ready”.

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