There are so many real estate brokerages in the Ottawa area to work for.  I knew I was going to have a tough decision selecting the best one for me.

The entire process took about 2 months as I researched and interviewed with the different offices and branches within my area.  The presentations varied from lengthy office tours to brief meetings and listening to brag reports.  I needed a Brokerage that had more to offer.

After examining 10 different brokerages, I thought I had made my decision...it wasn't CENTURY 21.  Several brokerages offered luncheons to our training class.  When CENTURY 21 came to speak with our class of new recruits I must admit that I only went for the free food.  I originally never even considered CENTURY 21 as an option because my memory was the gold jackets and that ugly brown colour that used to be symbolic of their image.  During their presentation I was so impressed that I decided to look further into what the company could offer my clients and myself.

I typed in century21.ca and was amazed at their Internet presence.  They have updated the image and advanced in technologies beyond any other real estate office in Ottawa...and in the World!  My decision was made when I phoned up CENTURY 21 Action Power Team Ltd. and joined their team.

CENTURY 21 has brought real estate into the 21st century!

The tools that are available to me as a real estate sales representative are beyond what I could have imagined.  I'm excited to be a part of CENTURY 21 and I would love to encourage anyone who is considering a career in real estate to look beyond the gold jackets and brown of the past and look to the new image and awesome company that is CENTURY 21!

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