Widening of Carp Road to Start; May include 3 Traffic Circles

We are all looking forward to the widening of Carp Road here in Stittsville. It has been a long time coming and been needed for some time. Still we are all not fans of traffic circles. Most of us are afraid of them as we have had little to do with them in our driving experience. I remember being introduced to them for the first time in Alberta where after a brief learning curve, most often known as "Baptism by Fire" or "Sink or Swim" by doing. Once you get the hang of them they're great. Why is this idea catching on?  It seems that traffic circles cost less, have less environmental impact and keep things moving and are safer.

Traffic circles keep things moving. If you have ever sat there, especially late at night or early in the morning waiting for a light to change all alone with no other cross cars costing you time and money. You realize that it makes sense to not sit there at a set of lights so traffic circles save that waiting and idling time which hurts the environment.

Traffic lights cost less to install, except to acquire the land which is a one time investment, to maintain. last I checked a set of traffic lights cost over $60,000. to install and the electricity to run 24/7. 

The safety comes from less serious issues in the accident department. Red lights being a flag to some of us to just race on through and the horrendous crashes that occur when folks don't slow down and stop for them. The addional consideration for safety sake is the bicyles being moved to the side paths to share with pedestrians. The paths would include a yellow line down the middle to identify the lanes one for each.

Roundabouts are being proposed at Carp Road where it crosses Westbrooke Road , Rothbourne Road, Kittiwake Drive. the major roads between Hazeldean Road and highway 417.

If you want to be included in the decision process, make comments or suggestions or just get to know what they are proposing then plan to attend the Open House February 26, 2014 at Matt Bradley Arena at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex on Shea Road in Stittsville If you want more info Jabbar Siddique 613-580-2424 ext. 13914 or via email at jabbar.siddique@ottawa.ca

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