Hiring a Property Manager or Self Managing Your Investments

Almost weekly, and sometimes daily, we are reminded by a client how difficult it can be to manage a rental property. Nothing worthwhile is easy but a great tool new or savy Winnipeg investors can utilize is to hire a competent and professional property manager.

Services can be negotiated for one single family property all the way up to multiple units and removing the direct contact between an owner and tenant can reduce the potential stress on investors whom often times have very busy work/family lives outside of the investment.

On several occasions we have had clients who felt the expense of hiring a property manager cut into thier bottom line too much only to realize latter they were not prepared to be on call 24 hours. For as little as 2-3% of rental income a qualified property manager will deal with the 24 needs of tenants including emergencies, late rents, noise complaints, assignment of tenancy agreements and so much more.

While it is certainly true that some landlords do a great job at self managing thier own units it is also true that landlords whom prefer to be behind the scenes will benefit greatly from the services of a great property manager.

Build your dream team with experienced and professional bankers, REALTORS, lawyers, property managers, insurance providers and more.

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