Hiring a Real Estate Team versus an Individual

Buyers and Sellers in Winnipeg are fortunate to have a miriad of REALTORS® to choose from and often don't look into the benefits of hiring a Real Estate Team. Unlike an individual, teams normally have multiple professionals who each bring a separate specialization. Buyers specialists, Seniors specialists, marketing & promotion professionals, revenue property specialists, etc can all contribute to the success of an individual buyer/seller and offer more guidance and time compared to one individual agent. The fees asscociated with hiring a Real Estate Team are almost always the same as when hiring an individual agent.

Great examples of obvious benefits:

1.) Combined Experience

2.) Always available....clients never have to worry if there agent goes on holiday because their other agent(s) is on  call.

3. Different point of views developed by team members can result in a well rounded, experience based opinions on real estate transactions including pricing, home improvements, profitablility projections and more.

In this competitive market the more people that have your back the better! Why hire a REALTOR when you can hire a Team!

If interested in working with Team Carriere or would like more information on how "teamwork helps your dreams work" please feel free to call us anytime with any of your real estate needs at 204-987-2100.



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