The Perfect Holiday Gift.....REALESTATE!!!

For many years our team has coached investors on how lucrative it can be to invest in real estate. We are fortunate that with current interest rates and available and affordable real estate still to be found in Winnipeg that our clients can not only prosper but live the dreams they wish for themselves and their families!

So many people spend so much money on gifts during the holiday season and unfortunately so many of these gifts wind up in storage or not being used at all!

A great holiday gift to consider is contributing to a fund for purchasing an investment property for a loved one. Purchasing a single family or small multi-family investment will reward the buyer for years and years to come! With competition in financing abound it is suprisingly how small a deposit on a purchase needs to be!

Please have a wonderful and safe holiday season and give us a call to register for our free property management seminars in 2014!!

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Adam Carriere

Adam Carriere

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