A little about myself...

I don't usually like to talk about myself but I feel like it's important that if my clients are working with me they should know what I'm all about and what kind of person I am. So here goes...

Born in 1985, I've spent basically my entire life living in Steinbach. I went to the schools, I've had friends from all the small towns that surround the area and I love this special part of our great country.

I've grown up in the real estate business. My parents have owned Century 21 Gold Key Realty since 2000 and my dad (Waldo) has been involved in local real estate development for about the same time. I got my start in the business as most kids do. The janitor. My job was to make sure the office always looked presentable to our incoming clients. I did this throughout high school and after even though I managed to find other work in the mean time. 

In fall of 2006 I began my Real Estate Salesperson Licensing program and in mid 2007 I became an active Sales Agent at Century 21 Gold Key Realty. Being 22 I did find it difficult to get taken as serious as some of the folks in our company that have been here 25+ years. But I perserved and sold homes and looked after my clients. I particularely enjoyed working first time home buyers.

Fall of 2009-Fall of 2010 I took a break from the business and struck out on my own in Edmonton, Alberta. I worked there in a men's clothing retailer and brought my customer service skills to another level. I reached my sales goals and was actually ranked in the Top 20 for sales associates in Canada. It was satisfying and a lot of fun. 

Around late summer of 2010 I decided with some of the things that were happening in my family that I needed to move back home. My mom who had been the active broker for the C21 had decided that she wanted to focus a bit more time on being 'grandma' and a little less time in the office. So I took my courses and became the offices Broker & Operations Manager. This means I work alongside our salesagents to come up with solutions to problems and lend them support in anyway I can while still overseeing the Day-to-Day business side of things. 

In my personal life I got married in June of 2011 to my beautiful wife Kylie and we bought our first home together the following fall. We have since adopted a puggle puppy named Huxley who has to far to much energy for his own good but he definitely keeps us on our toes. 

Around spring of 2011 I was given an opportunity to become a General Contractor for my own building company and thus Gold Key Homes was formed. We focus on building quality homes in great neighbourhoods. I still continue to do this. I find it's a great way to learn even more about the business that I'm in as well as how the building process works and you're always up to date about what is to be expected from new construction.

I have recently decided to begin Listing & Selling real estate again. It was something that I was beginning to miss and I felt that there was room for me to bring something fresh and new into the Realtor market. I will still be keeping my current position as Broker and Operations manager, but I also would like to work 1-on-1 with homeowners and purchasers. There's nothing quite like the feeling of handing a person a set of keys to their new home for their family.

So that's a little about me. If you have any questions at all about real estate I ask that you please call me. 204.355.7087 and if you know anybody who is looking to buy or sell real estate I would be more then happy to look after them in a professional manner.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. More posts will follow.

Adam Neustaedter

Adam Neustaedter

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