One thing leads to another..

It seems like every summer is a constant reminder of what needs to be done around the house.  Being relatively new to home ownership, I usually allocate one big project per year.  Boy was I wrong this year!

Bay Window. This year was replacing the massive 5 panel bay window.  Some bright engineer decided that would be a good idea to design a window that doesn't open!  My wife and I would sit in the living room watching helplessly as the beautiful breeze would be stopped in it's tracks by the 5 paper thin panels.  We knew that something had to be done.  The Bay Window has now been replaced and it has made a HUGE difference.

Pool.  Well we didn't stop there.  To save money on air conditioning we needed to have a different source of relief.  That is when we decided to get a INTEX pool.  Paige insisted that the backyard was flat.  I didn't think it was.  Well, sure enough it was just about as flat as a wave pool.  So we needed to get 4 yards of dirt to fill it in.  Then we needed to tamp it.  For those of you who have used a manual tamper (30 pounds of square iron with a handle) you will feel my pain.  Apparently the fire department will fill the pool but when we called they said that they didn't.  So I filled it with the hose.  All 14,000 litres of it!  I don't even want to see the water bill.

Outlet.  Well we need to have pumps running and it just so happened that our outdoor outlet didn't work.  So I called the electrician.  Yesterday he came and fixed the outdoor outlet and a few kitchen ones to boot.  While he was here we thought that it would nice to run a another line to our kitchen so we don't blow a fuse every day! (I'm not lying, everything is on the same circuit).  Sure enough he's back today running a line.

Shower.  Yesterday my tenant told me that the shower tiles are peeling from the walls.  I checked it out and now the shower needs to be replaced.  Bathfitters... Here we come!  :)  While we're there, we'll likely discover that we also need a completely new upstairs bathroom/kitchen!

Can anybody else relate to this endless parade of home "improvements"? I'd love to hear your thoughts.



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