Another Reason Why I Enjoy Working for Century 21 Dome Realty Inc.

The company I work for has a "charity of choice" and year after year we help raise funds for this charity.  For the 10+ years that I've worked for them it has always been Eater Seals.  The sending kids to camp initiative.


Camp Eater Seals is located at Manitou Beach near Watrous and is the Province's only completely wheelchair accessible camp facility.  Easter Seal's dedication is to have all their campers experience fun and barrier free camping.  Children who otherwise have been limited to wheelchairs can experience things like horseback riding.  It's amazing!

In 2013, Century 21 Dome Realty Inc. raised $83,462.01 for sending kids to camp.  What impresses me the most, is that most of that money was given by the agents themselves.  I love working for a socially minded company as well as working with other men and women who care.  It starts from the top.  Our owners were moved by the cause and moved enough to reach into their wallets and the 100+ agents here at Century 21 moved right along with them.

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Adam Tondevold

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