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On September 25th there will be a referendum vote about the city's sewer treatment plant.  It is not about the city's water supply. 


A vote for no, means that the city's plan for a public private partnership (ppp) will go ahead.

What I like about the ppp plan is that the expenses are fixed, the sewer portion of my city utilities bill stays the same.  The city maintains control of the facility and all the employees can stay employees and choose to stay with their current union.  The private part of this partnership does not set the rates.  If they need to increase their bottom line, they will have to innovate, not charge me more.


Anyone who has hired a contractor or a builder and then had that person come back later and say, "the estimate was too low, it's now going to cost you more money" should understand and have desire to take the time to vote "no" on Sept 25th.

Not only would we lose federal government funding, but then the contractors wouldn't be held accountable for time or cost to complete.  This city has no problems shifting those extra costs directly onto you and me.


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