Is Your New City of Yellowknife Property Assessment Fair?

(Reposted with permission from myself - Adrian)

Figuring out if your 2013 property assessment (used to calculate 2014 taxes) is fair is a time-sensitive issue because, as you'll notice at the bottom right of your assessment notice, there is a deadline for appeals.

So how should a property owner go about figuring this out if their assessment is fair? Here is what the City brochure says:

 "Compare your assessment with other similar properties in your neighbourhood. For land comparisons, ensure similarity of location, lot size and zoning. For building comparisons, ensure similarity of age, quality, style and size."

But unless you've been collecting real estate listing information for the last decade, you probably don't have a record of the square footage and age of all the houses on your street, nor can you easily assess their style and quality. 

So here is a trick that can help.

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