2014 The Year to Buy Real Estate in Red Deer?

Have you heard the news?

Do you really believe "National" headlines?  Real Estate is local, and in Red Deer the market is....

Coming off the strongest June in the last five years...

Sales, Number of
Jun 213 132 170 188 183 217

Just had the strongest 3 months in a row in the last 5 years...

Sales, Number of
Apr 178 156 126 200 175 213
May 198 151 178 198 211 248
Jun 213 132 170 188 183 217

Despite rumors that the market is over heated it is displaying more signs of balance and stability ...

Month New Listings Sales Ratio sales to listings
Jan-14 185 105 57%
Feb-14 184 123 67%
Mar-14 272 160 59%
Apr-14 310 213 69%
May-14 344 248 72%
Jun-14 316 217 69%

While there are many reports of "multiple offers" and listings taking a short number of days to sell, the reality is that the market is balanced as a whole with segments that are showing greater signs favoring a seller than others.  This dynamic also changes a short drive out of the City limits...

and by price range...

One guess which price range is receiving the most activity and those reports of multiple offers.

 Still think the market is hot and everything is easy to sell?  Try talking to one of these sellers whose listing expired and didn't sell...

 Note the data provided is from the Central Alberta REALTORS® Association and is MLS® data.

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