A Good Home Inspector is like a Good Doctor

It seems that of late Home Inspectors have taken a bad rap - much of the public seems to be of the opinion that Home Inspectors may not offer value. I have to disagree.  I believe that when you are making what is often the largest investment of your life - protecting yourself by having a qualified inspector thoroughly inspect the home is a must. That being said hiring the right Home Inspector is upmost.

I often compare a Home Inspection to your Yearly Doctors Checkup. A good doctor will thoroughly check your overall health - identifying health issues of concern and recommending treatment or lifestyle changes. Your Dr. can not open up your chest wall and look inside so may not be able to identify absolutely every issue nor can they see the future.

Much is the same with a good Home Inspector. The right inspector will thoroughly inspect the home looking at all areas including those we would not have been able to adequately look at while viewing the home  - such as climbing on the roof to see the life left in the shingles, climbing in the attic to ensure there is adequate insulation, testing the furnace for gas leaks, testing moisture levels in the basement...and much more. A thorough inspection will take several hours. Like a Drs exam they can not open up house walls so they can not see absolutely every element of a home and they can not predict every future outcome of the home but they can give a very good idea of the homes current 'health' existing issues of concern plus they can give suggestions for maintaining the homes 'health'.

The inspectors I recommend are the best in the business - I have upmost confidence in their ability to give my clients a report card on the 'health' of the home they are contemplating purchasing. By making your offer on a home conditional upon a satisfactory home inspection you are not obligated to proceed with a purchase if the inspection finds deficiencies that are unacceptable to you. This is the wise way to buy Real Estate .    


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