A Question of Patriotism?

It has been brought to my attention that someone thought I was questioning people's Patriotism by stating "so be a good Canadian and buy a Home"... in my last blog. Well if you're thinking of patriotism in the manner of our soldiers abroad...you are stretching things a bit far, but if you mean "what can I do to help my country"...then maybe you're right.

No doubt these are scary economic times. The easiest thing to do is sit back and do nothing. If we all decided to sit back, nothing would sell, people would go nowhere, companies would be forced out of business, people would lose all they have and the country would grind to a halt. Recovery would take years and the world would be a totally different place.

I'm sure that no one wants this to happen...but the government cannot stimulate the economy unless the people are willing to step out and take a chance and continue to spend.

You don't have to buy a home...but you have to make an effort to do something. Our provincial government is spending money on the radio now, advertising that you not succumb to the FEAR (false evidence appearing real). Our Federal government is sinking the country deep into debt to overcome the situation. One way or another you will be spending money to stimulate the economy...you can do it their way or you can do it your way...either way...you will be doing it.

Do what you can afford to do...and if you're looking at real estate on the web or reading real estate blogs on the web you are probably looking at buying a home...my message is go ahead and do it...stay within your budget comfortably...but home ownership has historically been a good investment. You should be planning to spend at least a year or more in your new home before looking to sell.

So...be a good Canadian, buy a home...or at least something you can afford for the greater good!

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