Century 21 Open Houses for the Week of April 27-May 4, 2009

  •         Open Houses for Saturday May 2, 2009 

235 Duston Street

Hosted by:  Rob Powell                                 2:00-4:00pm

8 Archer Drive

Hosted by:  Milena Toncheva                         2:00-4:00pm

141 Dempsey Street

Hosted by:  Mike Phelps                                2:00-4:00pm

4 Isaacson Crescent

Hosted by:  Mel Klassen                                1:00-3:00pm

126 Jaspar Crescent

Hosted by:  The Walper Team                       1:00-3:00pm

38 Overand Place

Hosted by:  Tamara Janzen                           2:00-4:00pm

11 Excell Street

Hosted by:  De Galesloot                               2:00-4:00pm

24 Kanten Close

Hosted by:  Brenda Bowness                          2:00-4:00pm

8, 939 Ramage Crescent

Hosted by:  Ben Ordman                               2:00-3:00pm

27, 939 Ramage Crescent

Hosted by:  Ben Ordman                               3:00-4:00pm

  •          Out of Town Open Houses for Saturday May 2, 2009

5 Palmer Close

Hosted by:  The Walper Team                      1:00-3:00pm

147 Woodland Drive

Hosted by:  The Walper Team                      1:00-3:00pm

  •          Open Houses for Sunday May 3, 2009

38 Overand Place

Hosted by:  Dave Haley                                2:00-4:00pm

37 Springfield Avenue

Hosted by:  Rod MacWhirter                          2:00-4:00pm

75 Ellis Street

Hosted by:  Mel Klassen                               1:00-3:00pm

9 Lanterman Close

Hosted by:  Milena Toncheva                        2:00-4:00pm

18 McLevin Crescent

Hosted by:  Elaine Torgerson                        2:00-4:00pm

  •           Out of Town Open Houses for Sunday May 3, 2009

Gull Lake                  

Hosted by:   Joyce Megson                            1:00-3:00pm

5109 44 Street

Hosted by:   Tim McRae                                2:00-4:00pm

18 Hawthorne Way

Hosted by:   Gavin Heintz                              2:00-4:00pm

90 Sunridge Avenue

Hosted by:   Trina Thomas                            2:00-4:00pm

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