Christmas Baking Brings Smiles to All and SOLD Signs?

Ah yes, who can resist all the tasty treats of Christmas Baking.  Cookies, Squares, Cakes, Rolls, Pudding, and more just waiting to be eaten.  Brings back memories of Mom's home made Tarts (Butter Tarts mmm my favourite).

From Christmas Bake Off 2009

Christmas treats get us all excited here at the office as we engage in a friendly competition known as the Christmas Bake Off.  Even though I love being the judge it wasn't my idea to have our associates bring desserts into the office every week as I do my part to determine which is the best.  A Broker has to do what a broker has to do right?

From Christmas Bake Off 2009

We're a friendly bunch and a little competition never hurts.  However this baking got me thinking about selling homes at Christmas.

Many would shy away from the idea of selling their home at Christmas.  I have sold mine over Christmas and from my experience there is nothing to be afraid of.  In fact there are many benefits to selling your home at Christmas.

Benefits To Selling Your Home Over the Holidays:

  • Your home is decorated and festive
  • The smell of the tree is a comforting one
  • The aroma of Christmas Baking also pleasing creating an inviting atmosphere
  • Helps answer the question "where do I put the tree?"
  • Fresh Blanket of Snow covers up the brown grass and possibly the doggy doo doo
  • Buyers that venture out house shopping over the holidays are "serious" buyers.  Less tire kickers
  • If you have to leave for a showing you can get some shopping done
  • You're going away to visit family so it's not intrusive any way
  • Gives you an excuse not to host Christmas dinner
  • Your home looks great at night with the Christmas Lights on

What other advantages to selling your home over the Holidays do you have?

Yor Friend in Real Estate,

Patrick Galesloot

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