City of Red Deer population up

Recent press release from the City of Red Deer highlights the continued growth in Red Deer.

Red Deer is home to 2,111 new residents - an increase of 2.46 per cent over 2007. The increase brings Red Deer's total population to 87,816.

Last year's census saw an increase of 3.22 per cent, with a 4.92 per cent increase in 2006.
"Growth in Red Deer is down slightly over previous years, but the census indicates we are still growing at a healthy rate," said Jackie Kurylo, Projects Coordinator.

The strongest growth occurred in the areas of Oriole Park West with 622 new residents, Johnstone Park with 608, Vanier Woods with 599 and Lancaster with 374. Slight declines in population were experienced in the other areas, which may indicate:

• children in those areas have grown up and left the family home
• residents have relocated to another area in the city and their previous residence is still vacant

Census workers asked residents about the number of people living in the household and the genders and year of birth of each person in the household. Residents were also asked whether they had the necessary information to make a Family Emergency Plan to be used in the event of a major disaster such as a tornado, and whether they were prepared to survive a disaster for three days without outside assistance (in terms of food, clean water, medication, heat and electricity).

"The census is about finding out how many people live here, but it is also about understanding community need and planning for future growth and development," said Kurylo.

The City thanks all citizens who participated in the 2008 Municipal Census.

The 2008 Census Report is available on The City's website at

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