Dress Your Home for Sale!

Everyone wonders what can I do to make my home more saleable. Often it's the little things that count unless a home is in a poor state of repair. Dressing up a home not only benefits the home from a sales stand point but changes how we as a seller or a buyer perceives the home. Our feelings are often reflected in our home, if a home has a dark and drab feel we are prone to feeling the same way. Don't allow your home to become seasonally depressed. Here are a few tips to make your home more saleable and to brighten your day.

You only get to make a first impression once, keep entry ways free and clear of clutter. Placing a small arrangment of seasonal flowers in an out of the way place says welcome! Any mats should be clean and skid free, there is nothing worse than watching your potential buyer sliding down the stair case.

Get rid of the dreaded "stuff" that is cluttering up your home. When you list your home for sale is a great time to conquer the "stuff". By throwing it out, holding a yard sale or donating unwanted items now, you reduce the work load when it comes time for the big move. "Stuff" that you intend to keep but isn't necessary should be packed away or placed in storage. You want to give your home the feel of lived in but not too cluttered. If every nook and cranny is overflowing a buyer gets the impression that the home will be too small to meet their needs. Don't forget the cabinets and closets!

Give your home a bright and airy look! Open the blinds, let the sunshine in and crack a window to allow for air circulation. Everyone loves the summer sun. To lessen the impact of a view from a window that you consider to be less than ideal use light weight sheers on a tension rod to obscure your view but keep the bright atmosphere.

Create a warm and welcoming environment for evening showings using ambient lighting. Use a combination of overhead, table and accent lighting to give your home a glow. Place reflective objects such as vases next to or under a lamp for a little sparkle. Add a strand of lights or a solar accent piece to a larger plant to make it a focal point for your room.

Don't be afraid of color! A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to make your home look crisp, clean and well maintained. Stark white walls can be dreary. Consult with a local decorator to choose the colors that best suit your home if you are uncertain what the latest trend setting colors are. Once painting is complete add a few accessories such as throw pillows to add dimension and compliment your new paint colors. When it's time to rehang the pictures that were removed for painting experiment with design placement. Nothing says boring like a straight line of side to side photo's. Try diagonal, off setting heights, triangular designs or vertical lines to accentuate a high ceiling.

Accent pieces can make or break a room. Try using pieces of varying sizes and heights within a color scheme. Mix the textures of these items. Try to place the items in interesting shapes such as a triangle instead of one straight line. By nature we tend to view a room from left to right so placing decorative objects to the left often gives the impression of a larger space. Bringing items from the outside if for a seasonal look that adds a new dimension to your room. Try clipping some branches or twigs and arranging them with a few fresh cut flowers from your yard for an inexpensive arrangment.

Allow your self to get creative and eliminate clutter as you go. You family and home will both benefit!

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