Facebook and Twitter for business

How do I use Twitter for business?

How do I use Facebook for business?

As the broker/owner and manager/coach to 50+ real estate agents I get asked those questions fairly often.  First thing is there is no "right way" to Twitter or use Facebook.

There is NO right way to Twitter or use Facebook.

You'll probably run into several people telling you that there is a certain etiquette or "how to" when it comes to Twitter.  Ask them to refer you tot he Twitter rules section.  There is none.  If you want to syndicate your blog posts and provide a link to drive traffic to your site and that's all you do, then that's just fine.  If the local twitter police think you're not engaging in a "social conversation" and missing the point, then let them think that.  If your blog is engaging, and has thought provoking content your followers would probably be interested in knowing when you post something new.  Don't worry about having to follow hundreds of other people and read the 1000's of daily tweets.  You can certainly engage them on your Blog and that's fantastic.

The same can be said for your Facebook page.  I might want to follow an artist or sport team and I certainly don't expect them to friend me on Facebook and engage in a conversation.  I just want to know about upcoming events or a new release.  If that's all the use those pages for or their twitter account, that's fine.

How Can I Increase Traffic, if there is no right way? That would probably involve a consultation of some level and seeing what you're doing now and what you want to accomplish.  But some tips that might prove beneficial are:

  • Complete your profile and link to your website.  If I'm the type of user that prefers to follow local people and find out more about the people I'm following, then I'm going to read your profile and click on the link to learn more.  Short of that link to you're Google Places or Profile Page.  If I were to tweet about my business and not include information on how to contact me or find my business as part of my "bio" or profile or on the links I post then why am I there?
  • Use your name whenever possible.  I just think it should be easy to identify that my name is Patrick and I'm a Century 21 agent.  The only reason I don't use my full name on Twitter is because it is long.  Patrick Galesloot is 15 characters long, pgalesloot is only 10. I do state my name is Patrick or Patrick Galesloot in my profile though.
  • Post content for static page if on Facebook.  You don't need to post content there multiple times during the day.
  • Post at different times of the day for the Twitter timeline to catch the "eyeballs".  I recommend morning, noon and night or some combination like that.  We're creatures of habit and have our routines of watching the news, reading emails or social media sites at regular times through out the day.  We can't all be tuned in to Twitter or Facebook at all hours.
  • Don't fret about hiring a designer for your professional Facebook page.  Most users of social media access them on a mobile device using an app.  Check out how those professionally designed pages render on a mobile handset before you spend hours and $$ to make it look the way you think it will.
The last piece of advice I tell my agents is "be your self".  You don't walk into a party, meeting, or club event and start selling so don't be that way online.  You don't meet some one and constantly push content at them all day long every day, don't do it online.  The reality is we ask questions, we offer assistance and we listen.  We extend a handshake or helping hand long before we ask if you want to buy or sell our service or product so why would you be anything different online.  If your annoying online I'm probably going to think your annoying in person and not want to do business with you.
If you're a REALTOR® in the Red Deer area, feel free to folliow me on Twitter or give me a call regarding how you're using social media tools.  I enjoy chatting about real estate and the tools we use.  This month I do charge a Movember donation, the size is up to you as long as it's a dollar or more. 

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