First Impressions Matter

Don't get me wrong I love Red Deer....But! Its very difficult to convince someone of its wonderful features when you are bouncing around and your teeth are rattling.

We have a lot of new people moving to our great City because of our good economy. As a realtor in Red Deer (and Central Alberta) I am constantly driving Red Deer and area streets. Every winter its the same thing, ruts big enough to lose some cars in. How difficult is it to remove the snow enough to keep this from happening. I was in Blackfalds & Penhold last week and their streets are completely clear of snow. How is it that these small communities can deal with this problem but Red Deer can't.

Everytime there is a city election , the number one issue is always snow removal. Many a candidate has made big promises but nobody delivers. I think that if everyone who has had their muffler damaged sent the city a bill something might get done !

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