For Sale, Sold or Expired? The Choice Is Yours

Previously I blogged about sales and listings.  What I didn't touch on in that post was expired.  An Expired Listing or one that is now off market (not sold) is essentially an listing that was unsuccessful at well selling.  Plain and simple they were for sale but never sold. 

While sales numbers are significantly lower than last year and recent previous years, we are realizing sales daily and weekly.  How is it that some sellers are successful achieving their goals of a "sale" and others are not (or fall into that FAIL category).

Signs your listing may not sell.

  • Listing Your Home with a long distance real estate agent or company

The market is local, the buyers are local, the other REALTORS® are local, why would you select someone who doesn't know the market, the city or your area?  How many Red Deer agents do you think are eager to show a property listed by a Calgary or Edmonton REALTOR® versus one of the locals?  With 840 listings to choose from that out of area listing company may not make the short list by local agents.

  • The agent will list your home for a reduced rate

I'm sure you like to work harder for less money to.  The lower the price the higher the service level and quality right?  Maybe I have that backwards.

  • They don't have a company website, national website, or personal website just

Really who needs more exposure when the market place is more competitive.  I'm sure this web stuff and social media hype is a fad.

  • House photos are taken with a cel phone

5 Mega pixel camera on a cel is great, I'm sure the quality is as good as a large lens SLR.  After all photos are photos you want buyers to be lured into viewing your home not feel compelled to see it.

  • The main outside shot shows a great view of your home, the street, the sidewalk and the two neighbors on either side.

I think it's because the agent wanted the neighbors to know he listed the house so he walked across the street and stood tall and proud taking that photo.  Strategy about selling a lifestyle package was probably absent on that one.

  • Asking more for you home because you need it to buy something else.

Sorry to burst your bubble but needing more money for stuff doesn't increase your homes value.

Which list do you want to be in?

Note ** All stats are taken from the Central Alberta REALTORS® Association and reflect the MLS® information from the City of Red Deer.**


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