Hey, did you sell that house?

Now there's a question I hear everyday! Surprisingly lately the answer has been yes. First half of Feb (according to the Red Deer Real Estate Board stats) show that sales for the month are already equal to sales for the entire month of January, (62 properties in Jan - 62 in first half of Feb.)

This doesn't mean prices are going up, but it does mean that people have confidence enough in the future to make a move and get a home. This is an extremely positive sign for the economy...interest rates are as low as they've been in 60 plus years...values have reduced considerably from their lofty boom time heights...there is a huge selection to choose from...and the government is offering renovation tax incentives as well as "green" your home incentives.

Inventory levels are not spiking upward, housing starts are off considerably and sales have been brisk...you do the math...but in my book, the bottom is very close if not here, and now is a great time to buy. The only absolute no risk guarantee in life is death...for everything else there is a risk equation involved so assess the risk, decide if you can live with it and move accordingly.

If you are selling a home you need to know buyers are highly educated on the market and are ready to pay for value. Pricing your home to reflect awesome value is the ONLY way you will sell...in fact, buyers can be insulted by overpriced homes with misleading comments making the home out to be more than it is...so if you're on the market and not adjusting your price you are selling your neighbors home!

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