How To Twitter

First rule of Twitter is...

  1. There are No Rules

It's pretty simple actually.  Send tweets out about whatever you want.  Send them out however you want.  Does it really matter?  No, not really.  It all depends on what you're trying to accomplish and how.  I think some one telling you that you are "using twitter wrong" is like someone informing you that "you're advertising wrong".  How helpful is that? Can you tweet more effectively for business?  Absolutely.

There are certainly some people that will tell you that success on Twitter for Business depends on how engaged you are on Twitter.  Great what the heck does that mean?  Have you ever been following the Twitter stream and thought "My god, doesn't any of these people actually work?".  That's not what we're suggesting the level of tweeting you should do.  A great conversationalist is often the one that listens the most, and then responds. Not the one talking all the time.

So what do you do to sell houses using Twitter?  Is it wrong to send out tweets about New Listings?  Reading some tweets from other agents on Twitter you'd think it was a bad thing to say hey I have this product you should buy it, or there is a seat sale check it out.  Sending out a tweet about a new listing is exactly like WestJet telling you about the latest seat sale.  So it is ok to do your job as a real estate agent and tweet about "New Listing".  After all that's what you're getting paid to do.  Expose that home to as many potential buyers as possible and let people know that you sell houses, why not buy this one.

2.  Be Genuine

Be yourself.  As a real estate person I don't walk around and introduce myself as "New Listing at 48 Elreg, it's a great family home".  Nooooo you don't do that, and I'm quite certain you or I would never do that.  So, talk about other stuff.  Interact with Twitter users like you would interact with other humans.  If you're not the center of the circle talk all the time entertainer dude at the cocktail party, then you don't need to try to be that on Twitter.  If you like talking about the latest restaurant you just went to, then do that.  Nothing wrong with "being normal". 

3.  Follow or Unfollow

The whole following and unfollowing thing is quite comical to me at times.  I read the occasional tweet from someone who gets all bent out of shape because a user unfollowed them.  Then there are those that celebrate that they have 1,000 followers.  Best advice, ignore those people.  If some one is annoying in person and you wouldn't spend an evening trying to converse with them, then why torture yourself to do that online.  It's ok to unfollow someone or a "username" that you find annoying. 

4.  Automate or not Automate.

If all you do is send automated tweets, well your level of engagement is at a zero.  Do you really like the automated phone menu person?  Or would you rather have a certain level of automated but know that the end result is that an actual Human will take your call?  Use the automated as a tool not as a crutch.  Personally I think someone telling you to never automate is like them telling you never use Cruise Control.  There are times we need it.

5. Have a purpose.

So we are a real estate company.  Our purpose (or one of them) is to sell houses.  Find buyers, match them up with sellers and facilitate a deal that leads to a closing.  "Sold".  Ever hear the phrase, "People don't buy houses online"?  Well, guess what.  They do.  It may not be an "Add this house to cart" process but people start buying a home online.  The first viewing actually occurs online.  A buyer sees a listing in the price they can afford and seeks out more information or requests an appointment to view.  I'd say they are buying a house, and using online tools as part of that process. 

At Century 21 Advantage we like to get the word out about our listings.  we liek to tell you when we have a new one, because of you're searching for a home or you've ever searched for a home you know that some times finding "The One" can be a long process and may feel like you're searching for the needle in a haystack.

We also like to tell you about real estate news, information and about our agents.  From Time to time we will also answer your questions and let you know if we have a special on Air Miles.

Maybe you want to follow us on Twitter @C21Advantage,or maybe you don't.  That's OK.  If we tweet out a lot of "New Listing" info.  Well now you know why.  We list homes for sale, and if you see a lot of tweets about that it is because we are fortunate enough to have more people choose us.  We're thankful for your support and we are working hard to sell houses.  It's what we do.

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