How to get a higher price when selling a house? How to sell my house for more money?


A list of things you can do to help your home sell faster & for more!


The most common feedback I get from taking buyers through properties is the paint situation. If your homes has dings on every wall, fingerprints/dirt or perhaps just an out-dated/unusual paint color; chances are the buyer will want to paint. If they do feel the need to paint, they will negotiate a lower price to compensate or it may deter them all together from buying it. If you do decide to paint before listing the home- I recommend sticking with NEUTRAL colors(ask the painting store for this years "in" colours... not too dark but also not too light. I highly recommend having the trim painted too especially if it's honey oak trim. Buyers are wanting more modern tones. Whites, greys, taupes, etc. Be sure that the color you choose pairs well with the finishings in the home; such as flooring, cabinets, lighting, etc. Try to have the same color scheme throughout the home. Flow is really important. If every room is a different color it will create confusion. I recommend sticking to one or two colors maximum. For example, you may want to do the same color but perhaps a few shades lighter in the basement to make the basement appear brighter. Always HIRE a professional painter if you don't have experience painting. It seems simple to paint but it truely is an art. Doing it yourself can make matters worse if it's not done with care and caution. 


I know this may sound so simple however it is very important! CLEAN/SPACIOUS homes sell quicker. Clean out the fridge, pantry, cupboards, closets, etc. Wash the windows inside & out. Wash the floors, bathrooms, etc. Make the beds. Steam the window curtains if they are wrinkled. Rake the leaves/shovel the snow. Cut the grass, pull the weeds, etc. Power wash the siding, deck, patio, etc. Organize the garage & storage areas. Get rid of clutter on countertops, shelves, etc. Kitchen countertops should be bare or only have 1-2 appliances left out. Buyers need to envision themselves living in your home. It will be hard to do that with all your stuff everywhere. Make your home look like a show home. Furnished & simple decor is key. Take the magnets & take- out menus off your fridge. Grab rubber maid containers and store all your nic-nacs, papers, etc. I also recommend not having too many personal photographs out or on the walls. Also, it's important to not have too much furniture- especially in smaller homes. I usually recommend only a few pieces of furniture per room. Too much furniture or big furniture pieces can make your home appear smaller. 


There's a reason why builders have a "show home" and it usually is staged with simple yet accented furniture. For example, if you placed a plain black leather couch with a coffee table in an empty living room- it certainly wouldn't help make it look nicer. If you added a couple decor pillows, a coffee table with maybe an area rug, color matching curtains & a piece of art or a simple clock- it would certainly compliment the area a lot better than just having a couch & coffee table. You don't have to go out and buy all new furniture but maybe purchase some new accents, new window coverings, decor, etc. I find lots of good accent items at Winners, Walmart, Urban Barn, or even Ikea. 

Repairs:  If something is broken- fix it. Whether its a loose tap or burnt light bulb... the home shows way better when these items are taken care of before putting your house up for sale. If you don't, buyers tend to itemize everything that needs to be done and although they are minor, they want to knock off big bucks for it. Also, having these type of repairs done show you maintained the home well and that's what buyers want to see. 

Landscaping: Your landscaping doesn't have to be "all out", however, a well maintained lawn is the bare minimum. Make sure your lawn is cut, free of weeds, green, and free of garbage or debris.  If you want to add a bit of curb appeal, perhaps add a bed of low maintenance perennials with rocks/wood chips or even a flower pot on your front door step. Make sure your front steps, porches/decks are freshly painted or power washed if needed. First impressions are everything! 

Contact me today for more tips on how to sell your home faster & for more money. I also work closely with many painters, landscapers, handy-men, etc. I can recommend a professional in any area. 


If you are thinking to sell- contact me for a free in home consultation. I can recommend what you need to do before selling & give you an estimated market value. 


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