Is Home Staging For You?

What is Home Staging? 

Home staging is a term used to beautify a sellers home, to prepare the home for sale.

Remember home staging is an "image" industry.  Very similar to advertising and interior design.  The purpose is to display your product in an attractive way to promote interest in its purchase by prospective buyers.  In other words to make something look pretty so people will like it and want to buy it.  There needs to be a certain level of attractiveness, and of course you want to reach the largest possible demographic in order to maximise your potential.



Does every home need to be staged?

I think there are many levels of home staging.  Think about how important first impressions are.  As a seller you directly control the appearance of your home.  You have the ability to positively or negatively influence every person who enters your home through decor and cleanliness.  You tell me, does your home need to be staged?  Keep in mind also there are many different levels, and applications for home staging.

  • Overall cleanliness.
  • Removing any unnecessary clutter.
  • Arrangement of furniture.
  • Adding paintings, plants, creativity to the decor.
  • If your home is vacant does furniture and decor need to be added?
  • Is your furniture to big, or is there to much of it.
  • Does your decor need to be updated?

Remember you are trying to add to the feelings the buyers will experience when they enter your home.  Do those feelings inspire them to buy?  Or are they saying to themselves, "what are the owners thinking"?

I believe every home needs to be "prepared".  The idea is to provide a positive experience for as many buyers as possible.  But I am not suggesting every seller needs to hire a home staging professional.  Every home is different and every home owner has different needs.  As a seller you need to know what your end goal is and then with your Real Estate Professional discuss your current potential and the advantages of proper preparation.  Whatever the preparation may be.


Thanks for reading.  Rob Powell.

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