Is Your Entry Inviting?

Sometime the hardest places in your home to decorate and make appealing are the smallest, and often places many people use everyday if only for a few minutes.

Remember that the entry is the first thing people see when they enter your home.  First impressions are very important even if they are only for a moment.  Think of it as your welcome to guests.  Make it as inviting as you can creating a sense of expectancy so your guests want to come in and experience more.

Many people decorate their entry while looking at it from the inside.  Take a moment, walk outside and enter your home as guest.  What is your experience and perception from that point of view?  Is it inviting?  How does it make you feel?  What are your thoughts if any?  After experiencing your entry as a guest, spend a little extra time decorating it.  You and your guests will love it.



Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Every entry should have a mirror.  Use it for last minute primping before leaving.  Plus it will add a sense of elegance.

  • Think about installing a dimmer switch for your entry light.  It will give you the ability to set the mood for your arriving guests, especially if they arrive at night.

  • A small entry way can feel more substantial with a small rectangular table up against a bare wall. It can catch stray keys, mail, hold a floral arrangement, or be the base for the obligatory mirror.  If your entry is more like a hallway, mount a narrow table top, or shelf to the wall.  This will give a similar effect but you wont lose precious floor space.

  • If your entry is quite large try placing an interesting table in the middle of the space.  You may need lots of square footage to pull this look off but your guests will love it and you will always know where your keys are!  Try to leave 3 feet around the entire table for traffic.

  • If you have ample wall space try a chest of drawers or an armoire.  They can hide all kinds of family items, like mitts, hats, umbrellas, or even boots.  The chest will help decrease closet clutter, making the space more welcoming to guests.

  • Be bold with your color choices.  Express your creative wild side.  Remember your guest are just passing through, on their way to somewhere else.


    Explore the possibilities and decorate your entry with a purpose.  Influence your guests as soon as they enter your home, create a desire in them to see more, and wow them with your personality.  Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression, make it count.


    Thanks for Reading.  Rob Powell.

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