Is Your Social Media Influencial?

You've sampled the Kool Aid and you've got a Twitter account and a Facebook page for business, but are you using them correctly or at all?

Many REALTORS® have jumped on the social media band wagon after attending a conference or listening to some great speaker and now they have all the accounts set up.  Our job as real estate agents is certainly to get in front of potential home owners and buyers and ensure that they know who we are and the services we provide.  However are your social media activities actually following a strategy? 

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts of social media for real estate, and they may apply to other businesses as well.

  • Do complete your profile with as much detail as you can. 
    • Why would I want to be your Facebook friend or follow you on Twitter if I can't easily identify what you live/work in, your company name and a link to your website for more information?  It has to be there.  Not only does RECA consider these forms of advertising and they require these elements to some degree it just makes sense.
      • What's your name?
      • Where do you work?
      • What city do you serve?
  • Do Link to your website and make sure it's an active link.
    • This is not just good for SEO but allows social media connections to find out more about you with a click.  The extra benefit is the link building and page rank Google juice it creates.
  • Do one, and do it well before trying to be all things social media.
    • Just because you can Twitter doesn't mean you should.  Twitter and Facebook interactions are vastly different.  Before you multi update, be fluent in one.
  • Don't automate everything.
    • While you can set up automated tweets keep it at a minimum.  It's called "Social Media" because of the social interaction that should take place.  It's not called "Automated Drip Campaign"
  • Don't be "That Sales Guy".
    • You know the guy I'm talking about.  The guy that launches into feature benefit mode at virtually every possible moment they can when they meet you/interact with you.  "You should be selling your place and buying now, it's great I'll call you to set up a time, is tomorrow better for you or the next day?"  If you're annoying online I'm pretty sure you're annoying in person.  Be genuine.
  • Do listen with the intention of responding.
    • Twitter is great at getting your message out to a large audience, but it also great as a listening tool.  Reply with genuine interest and intent to understand the queries and conversations.

This is me on Twitter:  @pgalesloot

This is me at work:

More social media tips to follow.  Here is my disclaimer.  I'm not a Social media expert.




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