Joffre is located 23 km northeast of Red Deer, Alberta. For most residents of the area, the petrochemical site and the bridge over the river are more synonymous to Joffre than the actual village.  A few name changes over the years with the exception of the large NOVA Chemicals. 

NOVA Chemicals' Joffre manufacturing facility lies just east of Red Deer, Alberta, and is the largest ethylene and polyethylene complex in the world. The site actually consists of five manufacturing facilities: three for ethylene production and two for polyethylene production.  Joffre's first ethylene plant started production in 1979 and was the first manufacturing facility built by NOVA Chemicals. A second ethylene plant and a polyethylene plant began production in 1984.  In the year 2000, NOVA Chemicals started up a third ethylene plant. 

Agrium is another company that benefits form the area. Joffre Nitrogen Operations, located 23 km northeast of Red Deer, Alberta, produces anhydrous ammonia.  With innovative and modern production technology, and by using by-product hydrogen and nitrogen from adjacent facilities, this plant is one of the world's most efficient ammonia production facilities. Product from Joffre is distributed through the Chigwell terminal, about 19 km north of the plant.  Ammonia production capacity is 450,000 tonnes.

The Joffre site remains one of Red Deer's largest employers and and key influence in the overall economic  prosperity for the region.  A cluster of petrochemical plants operated by companies like NOVA Chemicals, INEOS Oligomers, Dow Chemical Canada and MEGlobal, is located about 20 minutes northeast of Red Deer near the communities of Joffre and Prentiss.  At the Joffre/Prentiss sites, it's estimated that petrochemical companies employ more than 1,600 full-time workers, who have an average annual salary of over $60,000.  Their average length of employment with the petrochemical companies is more than 10 years.

Joffre Bridge

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