MS Bike Tour

For the second year running, I am participating in the MS Bike Tour with our son, Cory, on June 8 and 9.  Like last year, it is a two day event.  Each day features something special.  Last year, the first day was north past Blackfalds, east to Joffre and up the Red Deer River valley into Red Deer.  The climb from the bridge to the top of the valley was, special.  I found it more challenging than Cory.  He rode circles waiting for me to catch up.  The second day we went to Delburne and back.  The  wind and rain made this special.  Easy going east at 40 km/hr!  Not so much going West into the wind at 10 to 20 km and hour.  We'll see what is special on this year's tour. 

Why not join me?  Go to  Enter to participate or make a donation in my name. 

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