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TELUS Cell Tower, Penhold - 4

Penhold residents have long suffered from spotty cell phone service.  The problem?  Being situated in a low geographic area.  Anyone driving into Penhold can clearly see the valley that Penhold is in.  Not that big of a deal right?  Wrong.  It is a big deal.  Any growing community needs, no requires strong mobile connectivity to prosper.  We are connected all the time for good or for bad, we need cell service more and more.  With home owners giving up tradiotnal phone lines and going with cell phone only, a community has to have cell phone service as part of their infrastructure today.

Well, today that has change.  There is a new tower in town... TELUS Cell Tower, Penhold - 3

TELUS Mobility Tower that is.

Residents should be calling, writing and messaging their Town Council and say "Thank You Penhold for lobbying and rallying the people to request TELUS step up and make things better not only for their current subscribers but for future residents and businesses".  Another reason to call Penhold Home.

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