Mothers Day

Over the years I have celebrated Mothers Day many different ways. As a child it meant that one day when the focus wasn't on me and my siblings. We could invade the kitchen to make that wonderful breakfast of burnt toast & broken eggs that we presented to Mom with such pride.  We could pick wildflowers that were accepted with as much love as a bouquet of expensive roses. Those moments were more an achknowlegment of "You Are Our Very Special Mom" then a " thank you". What did we know at that young age about the toils of being a Mom.

Later as a young Mother of 3 , I was able to experience that same experience that my Mother did years before. For me at that time It was a day to reflect on what I had created. Yes my husband helped but this was my day and I felt overwhelming pride when my children woke me up with their version of "Mothers Day Breakfast"

Now that I am a Grandmother I have a different Mothers Day experience. The Children & Grandchildren come to visit with a hugs & gifts but I know they (my daughters ) have already experienced that wonderful moment when the bedroom door bangs open & there is  that special moment of pride & love.

So if you are lucky enough to have a Mom to celebrate with make it a very special day for her. If you are a Mom, no matter what phase of life you are in, enjoy it to the fullest because "Mom's You Are Special" !


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