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The downtown district currently known as the Railyards is searching for a new name.  

Red Deer’s Greater Downtown Action Plan, calls for new street and pedestrian connections to the riverfront, and a new pedestrian bridge linking parks areas to the developed city centre. The area presently known (or referred to as) The Railyards will become a high density residential district, with a blend of commercial, public service and retail spaces to support urban living.


New construction is presently taking place just north of the Alpha Dairy plant. (formerly known as Alpha).


The new building construction is on an old "brown" site (former gas station), turning what was an empty unused lot into a desirable location on the river.  This site is unique with how close it is to the river, and park system.  Other developments sit further back, this is believed to be a City concession and a condition for the development to proceed.


The Railyards District bears the name form the old CP rail line that was thru the area a number of years back.  Since the relocation of the rail lines to Edgar Industrial the down town has been in on a slow and steady change.  Superstore being one of the biggest and most prominent developments that spurred on many of the others.  Now with the City of Red Deer having moved the City yards their is further opportunity for this area to evolve.


Public consultation for the Railyards ARP is currently underway, with an open house to discuss the future development scheduled on Tuesday, June 14, from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, located at 4929 54 Street. A 15 minute introductory presentation will start every 30 minutes, and attendees will have the opportunity to give their input in a variety of ways.

Naming Competition 
The GDAP recommends a public naming process to determine the preferred name for this district. 

Here’s the Process:
1. Suggestions will be accepted from Thursday, June 2, 2011, until the due date for comments on the draft plan for the district. (Fall 2011) 
2. The Steering Committee for the project will narrow the list of names to 10 for review by City Council 
3. City Council will narrow the list of names to 3 
4. An online vote will be held to choose a winning name for the district to be announced at Council (Winter 2012)

For more information on the Railyards district, please visit

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