New Addition to Our Family 2012

In August this year we had a new Addition to our family. Electra, a 2 year old Golden Lab, raised and trained by the BC and Alberta Guide Dog Services and Autism Support Dogs.

We were taken aback this year to be so fortunate and selected to get. After a drawn out application process and interview, our family and Kyra's needs met the criteria to receive a Autism Support Dog.

We (Ken, myself and Kyra's aides) were all required to complete an intensive two week training program to learn about the dog, her abilities and the possibilities she brings for Kyra.  We since have been working together to help transition Electra into our world. There has been so much to learn as we bond and find specific ways in which we can use this cleaver dog to assist Kyra as she strives for greater independence.

Stay tuned... there have been some magical moments.

 Kim Fox





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