One Simple Step To Improving Your Business

Running your business often creates plenty of opportunity to sit at your desk and review emails, financials, market trends, and engage in social media.  However all that screen time could be hurting your business.  Here is one simple step to improving your business regardless if it is real estate or not....

Walk Around.

Managing your business by walking around is not new.  If you've picked up the The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard you may be familiar with the concept but never really thought of it as simply "walking around".

Let's put into action Walking Around for Real Estate Sales Associates:

  • Go see your clients in person has more impact than an email or phone call.  Remember they gain rapport and comfort in you by spending time with you looking at houses.  Often lengthy conversations and fun chats.  Reconnecting in person and reminding them you were their "real estate agent" and still are, will go a long way at building your referral business
  • Get off your butt at an Open House.  The agents that never sell the house at the open house or get a new client even though a dozen people came through are probably the ones sitting at the kitchen table staring at the lap top.  Make the most of your Open House and walk through the house with clients while allowing them the freedom to explore without feeling pestered (Biggest objection from agents). If you don't ask questions how will you know what they like and don't like about the house?  Key to finding them the right match.
  • You're mobile as an agent.  Go to places where people you know work.  Say "Hi", drop off some coffee have a brief conversation.  Model what some of the mortgage agents do.  Do you think it's annoying when they come to the real estate office and drop off a basket of fruit ot box of donuts?  No, if you're like the people at our office you appreciate the kind gesture and the opportunity for a small friendly chat.  Go talk to the people you know where they work and leave a small gift not just your business card.

As a manager of any business the walking around and talking to your employees and providing feedback both constructive and positive is vital to the growth of your staff and your bottom line.  Make a point of getting up form behind your desk and walking around and talking to everyone in your organization at least once a day.  Talk to one person at least every hour.  You'll be pleasantly surprised how this will keep you connected to your fine hard working staff.

Have you noticed that this works very effectively at restaurants?  Think back at your last great meal or service experience at your favourite restaurant or memorable dining experience.  If it was a positive one I'm certain that the dining experience had elements of the following:

  • Timely friendly greeting
  • Order taken with personality. They asked questions, were fun and passionate about the food or drink, or asked in a way that made you smile.
  • The manager came by at least once and asked how they were doing, is there anything that he/she could get you.  The great ones say more than "How is everything?" and mean it.
  • They didn't forget about you.

It's quite possible that the meal itself was not to your liking and they responded quickly to fix it and did so with genuine concern.  Funny how we will then accept the not so tasty steak as "it was alright" when an effort is made to ensure that is was better than than that.

Some times it is easier to point out what not to do or don't be like as those negative expereince really stick.  Remember that bad meal you had or poor service?  What didn't they do?  The response is probably ... no one came by asked if I need something or cared to follow up on how the service or product was.  The experience felt like a "transaction".

Don't let your clients feel like "customers in a  transaction".  Don't let your employees feel like you don't care and that their input is not valued.  Walk around and talk to your clients, and employees regularly and you business will benefit.


Patrick Galesloot

On Twitter:  @pgalesloot

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