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More listings available for buyers to look at.  A common question we hear today is can I write an offer subject to the sale of my home?  More often the answer is yes.  While this may not be an acceptable term in an offer for every seller it is quite common.  The Red Deer market place is such that buyers can find the house that they really want and trade up.  A contrast to 2006 and part of 2007 where buyers "dream homes" were scarce and they had to settle for a home that may not have met all their needs.  Today you can find a better fit if so needed.

January 1, to July 1, 2008. Red Deer New Listings: 2174
January 1, to July 1, 2007. New Listings: 1786 a 21.72% Increase.

While it is considered to be a buyers market, sales do happen and are quite strong.  Below the record levels of 2007 but above or on par with those seen in 2006.  2008 is a still a good year for selling in Red Deer.

Red Deer MLS Sales January 1 - July 1
2008, 1092 listings Sold
2007, 1342 listings sold, a decrease of 18.63%

Shopping around for a Realtor?  A busy office is often the better choice.  A busy office has agents working with buyers and sellers and despite a slow down they remain focused and attentive.  Century 21 Advantage has been focused on ensuring their agents are knowledgeable and informed to help you through the selling process.

Century 21 Advantage MLS residential (all areas):
Listings YTD 2007: 312 listings
Listings YTD 2008: 440 listings a 41% Increase
Sales (Listings Sold) YTD 2007: 348
Sales (Listings Sold) YTD 2008: 362 a 4% increase

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