Red Deer Real Estate December 2015 in Review

December 2015 continued much the same path as was started in January.  Overall MLS® Sales volume was down in comparison with previous years.  December is often a difficult month to compare as historically December in real estate is always the quietest month out of the year.  Not a lot of moving going on around Christmas nor is there an abundance of people wanting to buy and plan a move.  December is always a month for other activities, most significantly celebrating Christmas.

Comparing December Sales volume to previous Decembers, 2015 was the lowest we've seen since the last major economic downturn of fall 2008. 

Month Sales, 2006 Sales, 2007 Sales, 2008 Sales, 2009 Sales,  2010 Sales, 2011 Sales, 2012 Sales, 2013 Sales, 2014 Sales, 2015
Dec 130 94 58 85 98 82 83 72 100 66

There are opportunities for investment today , just as there was in 2008/2009.  The market dynamic we are experiencing today requires an personalized plan for success.  We've been through down turns previously, and being the Oldest brokerage (established in 1911) we have the expertise and knowledge to help with your real estate needs this year, as we have in the past.



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