Red Deer Real Estate Last Week

Real Estate Activity is on the rise!

Talk to a few Realtors and you and the response will be that there is in fact more action in the market place.

The numbers also reflect that as noted above.  There was an increase in listings as well as sales.

The weather on the weekend was fantastic.  That may have something to do with the amount of traffic I witnessed at 38 Overand Place.  I made arrangements to stop in at 1:30 prior to the open house to shoot some video.  Well Ken Devoe was there and ready and had his signs up promoting traffic.  The open house did not officially start until 2:00 but at 1:30 there were people coming through.  Must have been at least 6 couples or groups that came thru in that first 45 minutes. We managed to create some videos in between traffic.

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