Red Deer getting Greener

Red Deer is divided by the Red Deer River which creates a lush attractive parkland community. Not to sit by and let this precious resource by squandered. The City of Red Deer recently approved measures to conserve water.

Council moved the following bylaws this week.

"That Bylaw 3215/B-2008 be read a first time. (Proposed amendment to the Utility Bylaw. Requirement for Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures for new construction or renovation projects that require a plumbing permit for a residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional structure)."

The Council also set up a rebate program for residences to switch form older higher water user toilets to more efficient models.

"Resolved that the Council of the City of Red Deer after considering the report from the Environmental Initiatives Coordinator, dated April 11, 2008 Re: 1) Utility Bylaw 3215/98 - Amendment 3215/B-2008 - Requirement for Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures / 2) Toilet Rebate Program, hereby establishes the residential toilet rebate program, to commence July 1, 2008 with rebates of $50 for a 6 litre toilet and $100 for a dual flush toilet."

You can find all the council minutes at the city's website

What affect does this have on you and I in our home?

The number of people asking about energy efficiency has been increasing every year particularly in new homes. The average home buyer and owner has been focused on heating and improving or lowering their respective energy bills. If you have been considering a renovation of your bathroom I would encourage you to not only update the look and style of your bathroom but also include efficient fixtures such as the low flow toilets mentioned above. The new toilets not only will reduce water bills for the home owner but also provide home owners with a new fixture which is both attractive and low maintenance compared to that big 1977 tank. Updating your home attracts more buyers in the future and makes your home more likely to sell. Low bills, increased resale potential, is great for all.

Your Friend in Real Estate,

Patrick Galesloot

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